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Tennessee Firearms Association


Welcome to the Tennessee Firearms Associations Reciprocity Database. Click on a state on the map to obtain reciprocity information. You should contact reciprocity states to inquire about the laws concerning where and how a handgun may be carried prior to entering the state.

Reciprocity - A mutual or cooperative interchange of favors or privileges, especially the exchange of rights or privileges between sovereign states. In this case, an agreement between Tennessee and certain states (depicted in blue) that have agreed to honor the others Handgun Carry Permits. View the Official Reciprocity Agreements Tennessee has entered into with other states.

Honor - Some states may honor Tennessee Handgun Carry Permits while you are visiting their states. This is not the same as reciprocity since there is no written agreement between Tennessee and these states. As such you may expect that not all law enforcement personnel will be aware of their own states provisions in this matter. Verify with the authorities in these states before carrying in the state. Ideally, you should print off and carry the pertinent law from the state(s) that you will be visiting avowing that they will honor our permits.

Tennessee's Position on Honoring Out of State Permits - Under Tennessee's 2003 reciprocity law, the state of Tennessee will, with some restriction on non-residents who work in Tennessee, recognize handgun carry permits and licenses from any other state since July 1, 2003. See, Tenn. Code Ann. Section 39-17-1351(r)(1).

The primiary exception to this rule is that any non-resident permit holder who works in Tennessee on a "regular basis," (i.e. for over 30 hours per week for over 6 months) after July 1, 2003 will only be able to carry a handgun in the state of Tennessee for six months before being required to apply for a Tennessee handgun carry permit. On or before, the last day of that six (6) month period of employment on a "regular basis," the non-resident must apply for a Tennessee handgun carry permit. The non-resident, with a valid carry permit from any other state, who works in Tennessee and has applied for a Tennessee handgun carry permit, may continue to carry his handgun by virtue of a non-Tennessee permit, until he or she is denied a Tennessee handgun carry permit.

Residents from another state, who work in Tennessee on a "regular basis," may be issued a Tennessee handgun carry permit based on the person having a permit from their state of residence, provided their state has "substantially similar" requirements for a handgun carry permit. Those states meeting the "substantially similar" requirement are expected to be those 10 states with which Tennessee had entered into written reciprocity agreements dated prior to July 1, 2003.

The Tennessee Department of Safety has not yet written all the regulations to put into effect the amendments to Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 39-17-1351(r)(1). Therefore, we strongly recommend, that any non-resident who works in Tennessee on a "regular basis," continue to follow the development of the rules for non-resident concealed handgun permit holders to determine how this law will be implemented and to avoid any possible violations of Tennessee law. The Tennessee Department of Safety is charged by law with the duty to prepare and publish a list of those states which honor the Tennessee handgun carry permit. Until that list is published, the only information that has been released by the Tennessee Department of Safety is the list of the ten states with which Tennessee has as of July 1, 2003, entered into written reciprocity agreements.